Kicksledding and Cocoa

Have you ever tried Kicksledding?  Although I have not, it sure looks fun.  It’s supposed to use the same motions as skiing, so perhaps it’s something most of us would be able to catch on to easily.  Saturday is a chance to give it a try at the Lee & Rose Warner Nature Center.   The nature center is hosting an event called Kicksledding and Cocoa.  There’s a small fee of $10 to attend the event.

Join us for a fun afternoon using our Norwegian kicksleds! Ridden with the same kicking and gliding motion as skiing, kicksleds provide a fun outdoor experience during the winter. After we try out the kicksleds, we will warm up by the fireplace with a hot cup of cocoa! All ages. $7 WNC friends/SMM members; $10 non members. Call to register.

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