Behind the Scenes at the Science Museum of MN

Credit: Science Museum of MN

Are your kids off from school tomorrow?  Bring them to the Science Museum of MN for a behind the scenes day.  It’s a rare day when the Collections Vault will be open and activated by museum staff and volunteers giving the public access to objects not normally on display.  It takes place from noon to 4 and is included with the regular museum admission.

Monday, January 21st Highlights:

Peek inside the Science Museum’s state-of-the-art Collections Storage Vault on Monday, January 21! Home to over two million objects, the vault houses artifacts and specimens that span millions of years of Earth’s history and come from all over the world.

See a tooth from Megalodon, the largest species of predatory shark that ever lived. View Inuit artifacts and pre-Columbian textiles, including a shirt from Peru that is over 600 years old. Be dazzled by brightly-colored bird specimens from around the world, and much more.

Get a behind-the-scenes glimpse inside the vault, meet scientists and hear about their favorite objects, and ask questions!

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