Discount Tickets to Extreme Horse Skijoring at Canterbury Park – Saturday, 2/17

Here’s an activity that’s a little off the beaten path – check out Extreme Horse Skijoring at Canterbury Park in Shakopee this weekend! Skijoring features a ski being pulled behind a horse while they dodge obstacles on the Canterbury racetrack. Sounds crazy, right?! The event takes place on Saturday, 2/17 from 1 – 4 pm (gates open at 11 am).

General admission tickets are normally $10 per person (+ fees), but right now you can get tickets via Goldstar for much less! There are a limited number of complimentary tickets available for a $3.75 service fee, otherwise you’ll pay $6 with a $2.50 service fee. Kids 17 and under are FREE.

For a winter sport to qualify as “extreme,” its rules should sound like a bunch of Scandinavians with cabin fever dreamed them up one night after too much Glogg. Enter: skijoring! Take one horse, attach a skier with a towline, throw a bunch of obstacles in their way, and you’ve got one adrenaline-fueled day of crazy fun. But you don’t have to fly to Norway — or know how to pronounce it — to experience skijoring (literally “ski driving”), because this worldwide competitive sport is coming to Canterbury Park in Shakopee. Need to burn off all that adrenaline between races? Check out the fun family activities on hand; just resist the urge to attempt any impromptu skijoring in the parking lot.

Get your discount tickets HERE!

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