Minneapolis Children’s Theatre Snowy Day Event & Review

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It’s almost perfect timing that we have a bit of snow in the forecast. Perfect timing because The Snowy Day and Other Stories by Ezra Jack Keats just opened this past week at the The Minneapolis Children’s Theatre. My daughters and I attended a performance on Friday evening.  We all enjoy theatre and for this specific play, we all chose to be surprised, and not research anything about the performance.



We were pleasantly surprised, the performance was different than many others we had been to at the Children’s Theatre.  There was no elaborate set, no fancy costumes either.  Not even a big cast of characters.  There were just three main characters that we saw on stage.  I see the suggest age for this play is K+.  I think the reason it is suggested for K+ is mainly because of how the play is presented.  The three main characters weave the story in and out of a fantastic display of shadow puppetry. Sometimes the characters are in front of the large screens and other times behind it.  It flows between seeing the characters in person to using your imagination a bit more as the puppets move across the large screens.  It was amazing how real the puppets looked. There were times the audience sat in complete silence, and then minutes later we were singing along or laughing with the characters. The play runs now through March 20th and you can get tickets here.

Photo: Dan Norman

Photo: Dan Norman

Coinciding with the opening of the play, is a great free event event taking place tomorrow.  Most kids have the day off from school. The Be Inspired! ALL ACCESS CELEBRATION takes place tomorrow Feburary 15th from 11am-4pm.

For 50 years, our work on stage, backstage, in the classroom, and in the community has been for you. Celebrate a world of wonder and imagination at CTC’s FREE open house event.

  • Explore the world of theatre magic – costumes, props, scenery
  • Take a Theatre Arts Training (TAT) class
  • Put your Snowy Day shadow puppets to work on the main stage
  • Enjoy storytime with your favorite CTC actors
  • Learn new dance moves from Diary of a Wimpy Kid the Musical
  • Performances by community artists featuring: Maria Isa and Tall Paul
  • Teen talk-back with student performers
  • And more!

Snowy Day Event and Review






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