Riverview Theater, Minneapolis

Riverview nightGoing to a movie at a theater can now cost close to $30 for a family of four.  If you don’t mind waiting an extra couple weeks, you can see a movie at the Riverview in Minneapolis, for the thrifty price of $2-$3.  Occasionally they have a special event movie, or documentary series that costs a little more.  Their website says they are the 21st Century Cinema Technology in a 1950’s Style Theater. Riverview Seating

Even the concessions are a bit more reasonable, and the best part is the popcorn, real butter on it!  I have been to a few movies here where the audience claps afterwards. Quite the experience to find a place where people really enjoy the movies at the neighborhood theater.

 **NOTE: Cash only, please. We do not accept credit cards. However, there is an ATM on site

Riverview lobby

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