Winter Sledding in St. Paul

Sledding Hills in Saint Paul, Minnesota

We might not have mountains here in Minnesota but we have plenty of hills and plenty of SNOW this year.  Yes, most of you are saying too much snow right?  Well trying to make the best of it, there’s still fun winter activities.

Sledding in St Paul MN

Do you have a favorite sledding hill? I grew up in a rural area and loved our sledding hill, although it was kind of dangerous as there was a creek at the bottom. No major injuries but plenty of fun memories. The best part of sledding, you don’t need a fancy sled.  Find a cardboard box and give it a try or maybe even a paper bag.  Get creative and make your own sled!

List of St Paul Sledding Hills

St. Paul decided to make things easy for us to get out the sleds and have some fun by compiling an awesome list of sledding hills in their community.  They even rated the hills so you can decide if you want to try:  gentle, steep or medium.  Check out the full list here.




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