Hy-Vee Aisles Online: FREE Pickup and New Membership Option for Delivery ($99/Year)

Hy-Vee is switching up their fees for their Aisles Online store pickup and home delivery, including offering a NEW membership option for home delivery!

I have tried Hy-Vee store pickup several times over the last couple years because I was able to get Hy-Vee’s awesome sale prices and use digital coupons (pretty much the only coupons I use these days), but the fee for store pickup kept me from doing this on a regular basis.

Now Hy-Vee is lowering the minimum purchase amount for free pickup to just $30! They will do all of your grocery shopping for free when you pick up your order as long as you place an order of $30 or more.

Hy-Vee Grocery Delivery

In addition, Hy-Vee offers home delivery for a fee ($9.95 per order), oftentimes available for same-day delivery. Now, you can buy an annual Aisles Online membership for $99/year which will get you free delivery on all orders! Note that a minimum $30 purchase is required for all deliveries. Also note that Hy-Vee delivery drivers do accept tips.

HyVee Grocery PickUp

When Hy-Vee first came to the Twin Cities I was very excited to have a new option for grocery shopping. The brand new store near me was wonderful and I enjoyed shopping there, but it never really became part of my normal routine.

My life has gotten even busier over the last few years (five kids will do that to a mom!), so my grocery shopping as of late has mostly consisted of a weekly Walmart Grocery Pickup¬†order, quick runs to Aldi for produce, and the occasional trip to Cub Foods since it’s my closest grocery store. My days of heavy coupon use are long past (readers of a popular – now defunct – Twin Cities coupon blog may remember me from there…).

Anyway, I’m excited that Hy-Vee is offering these options as they really do have some great sales that I’m looking forward to being able to take advantage of once again.

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