MiniSota Play Cafe

Winter is here and even when it’s not here, Minnesota still has plenty of those “weather” days.  It just means being inside, is sometimes more of a priority than other days.  Either way, we were very excited to learn about a new indoor place to bring the kids so they can burn off some energy.

The MiniSota Play Cafe just opened and is located in Champlin.  I Love the fun local theme: Infant Grove Heights, MiniSota, Mini Grove, MiniSota, Lake MiniTonka, MiniSota and Voyager’s Café.  You can find their prices and other specifics here on their website.  Be sure to check our their FB page, you’ll find special events as well as special admission prices posted there.

MiniSota Play Café is a clean and safe creative play space for kids to explore their imagination. A miniature Minnesota with a city center “Mini Grove”, group area” Lake Minitonka”, and for the littlest Minnesotans, “Infant Grove Heights”. In addition to the play area, adults and kids alike can enjoy tasty drinks and snacks from the cafe!

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